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Email Migration

Many companies today are still leery about the word Cloud, and what it means.  The biggest selling point Email SaaS providers have is the cost of maintaining your own on-premise email systems is quite high.  For SAN space alone the return on investment can be very quick, if not immediate.  Now that your company has picked a Email SaaS provider, how do you get your mail up there?  Some offer tools that let you do it on your own, but you don't have time or the on-premise skill set to do so.  Some providers give you the keys and let you have at it on your own at your own pace without any special tools.  Finally, others charge hefty fees to help you migrate your Email Data to the cloud.  Cloud-Migrators is here to help you get your email to the cloud very efficiently and affordably.  Our proven skills and methods have our SaaS partners recommending our company over and over again to help companies move their existing mail to the cloud.