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Our History

Directory Enabled Solutions was formed by David McCluskey on April 19th, 2001.  DES specialized in creating solutions centered around directory services.   This included LDAP integration for web resources, user provisioning and de-provisioning, zero day start and zero day stop, HR integration, single sign on via web acceleration, etc.

The core foundation of DES was to provide solutions/answers to our clients no matter how tall the task.  We helped our clients in areas not core to our skill set, but yet found answers to problems they were having with creativity and ingenuity.  This is how DES has through its different brands, maintains the level of trust and longevity with their clients still today. 


DES introduces iDentitySential as its new brand.  iDentitySential is branded to be the essential partner for all identity needs.  Specializing in cloud identity management as well as the core Identity and Access Management skills that the company specialized in since its inception in 2001.

Ironically, iDentitySential also began to reach into the cloud migration world.  Companies were needing the expertise on moving "things" to the clouds.  Whether it was services, identities, data, etc, our clients looked to us for help since we were able to help them in so many areas before.  we've always believed in being on the edge of new technology, so we accepted these challenges as we always have, and helped these clients move to the cloud. is formed as a second brand to the DES parent company.  Cloud-Migrators specializes in exactly what its name say, migrating businesses "things" to the cloud.  The foundation started with many of the previous clients while branded under iDentitySential.  It made sense to rebrand as we saw the dire need companies had to get moved to the cloud. We've partnered with many resources in the cloud sector to create total packages for our clients.  We specialize in moving email from on-premise to the cloud.  We do have preferred partners, but in the end we are here to help our clients and are vendor agnostic.  We find our clients can pick their cloud vendors based on their needs, they just need help getting there.  That's were Cloud-Migrators is their first call to get the hard parts done. 


  • Food and Beverage (Energy Drink)
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial


Current Customers:

Many of our customers wish to remain silent about their cloud activities, therefore we always respect their privacy and security.  Here's a few clients that have used our services to migrate their data or email to the cloud.